Not DeadByFourteen

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! Thanks to your support, DieByForty is entering its 9th year alive and genkier than ever, yeah! So first of all, we would like to thank you all for believing in us, listening to our songs, watching our videos and coming to our shows! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone you don't [...]


実は密閉型のヘッドホンでドラムの練習をしていると生音がはっきり聞こえないため、聞こえるようにと無駄な力が入ってしまう。 そこで、オープン型を買ってみたんやけど、音源が聴こえなくなるくらい生音がしっかり聞こえるやないか! Yu...

2014, Otsukare!

What a busy year 2014… A new music video and a new single, our first TV appearance, dozens of lives in Tokyo and Osaka, and of course lots of great artists, venues and friends we shared our passion with! Time has come for our final live this year... and believe me, ladies and gents, it's [...]

How to make a (lasting) band

Making a band is rather simple: gather a bunch of friends in a garage, grab your guitar, turn the amp up to eleven and rock the hardest you can. As many budding teenage rockers, I had those times. Around 17, I bought a cheap red guitar from a girl friend of mine (30 euros, my first electric guitar) [...]

A whole new world

I fell in love with a guitar for the first time in my life on a beautiful summer day in 1999, as a friend of mine brought his electro-acoustic guitar to high school, a Jasmine. "It's a Japanese brand", he told me. I was fascinated to see how my friend's fingers running on the guitar neck could produce [...]


ベースのTommyですこんにちは。 昨日、そして先週ライブに遊びにきていただいた方々、ありがとうございます! 楽しいひとときを送ることができて、やっぱりこの繋がりは大切にしたいと思った次第です。 さて、自分もPart-time Bassistということですが、リアルなベーシストに憧れる部分はございます。 それはリズムの取り方! よく見るとわかるのですが、多くのベーシストはアゴでリズム取ることが多いんですよね。 それが自分からしてみるととてもCool! でも自分がやると...っていうかできないんですよ。首の関節が足りない? まねしてみるとアゴが飛び出るキモいおっさんになってしまいます。 いつか僕がベースが上手くなったらあれができるようになるんだろうか。 練習するしかないね。 それでは。

Almost ready for the momiji!

Hi guys! How have you been? We've been great! After our successful tour in Osaka and Tokyo, DieByForty took one month off to go about each of us' business, i.e. other musical/fashion projects, new songs, etc. Early this month, Yu and I performed an intimist acoustic live for our friend Martin Leroux's special event in [...]


I just can say wow... Macha's release event has been a success... a success bigger than I expected! First of all, I will never be grateful enough to all the people who came for DB40! Hearing people singing my songs is something that only few of us songwriters have the privilege to experience! And what can [...]

Moshi moshi, Tommy?

Hi everyone! Thanks to Tommy's hard work and dedication (and a few sleepless nights...), Macha's time has finally come! And believe me, the result is wonderful: walls of distortions meet delicate arpeggios, Nao's beautiful chorus and Yu's (as always) inspired drumming. In the meantime, other members have been busy with arranging some songs for an exclusive acoustic [...]