How to make a (lasting) band

Making a band is rather simple: gather a bunch of friends in a garage, grab your guitar, turn the amp up to eleven and rock the hardest you can.

As many budding teenage rockers, I had those times. Around 17, I bought a cheap red guitar from a girl friend of mine (30 euros, my first electric guitar) and tried with a drummer friend to cover a few songs from Millencolin in his garage. We sucked very hard (actually I sucked, he was an excellent drummer), but hell that’s how Nirvana became Nirvana.

Now making a band that lasts is another story, the most difficult part of it being probably to make up with everyone’s temper and disposition.
Other than that short-lived teenage band (we can’t call it a band actually), I have been in a couple of other bands, and with the years I learnt that meeting each other halfway is key to make the band evolve in a balanced and sustainable direction. People who really know me know that I’m not an easy (read selfish and stubborn) person to deal with, especially when it comes to the views and goals I set for the band.

Even though DieByForty’s line-up has changed over the years, I now start my 9th year with Yu at my side. Quiet by nature, he rarely raises his voice and always tries to compromise as much as possible. Conversely, that makes his speaking all the more listened to, as we know his words are wise. And I can tell he’s the main reason why this band could last so long.

Well, the same goes for Tommy. That probably explains why the two of them get along together so well. Every time he smiles at me raising his hand, I know that the next few words coming out from his mouth will cast a shade that I could never had thought of – and a better one.

Those two guys are old musician hands now, they know exactly how to handle me. Adding to this the breath of fresh air brought by Nao, I feel the current line-up is meant to last a few more years.



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