Almost ready for the momiji!

Hi guys!

How have you been? We’ve been great!
After our successful tour in Osaka and Tokyo, DieByForty took one month off to go about each of us’ business, i.e. other musical/fashion projects, new songs, etc.

Early this month, Yu and I performed an intimist acoustic live for our friend Martin Leroux’s special event in Akasaka (by the way, he’s our favourite male singer in Tokyo, you definitely have to listen to his songs and his voice, you will literally melt). We took advantage of the occasion of being only the two of us to play veeeery old songs, songs of DieByForty version 1, songs that I wrote when I was younger but that finally didn’t age that badly, especially acoustic.

We gathered today again in studio to prepare our Autumn shows. Playing Valentine and Macha felt good, but playing new songs felt even better!

See you soon in Shibuya or Yokohama!


By the way, the ojisan in the picture is part of the staff of our studio, we love him very much! Thank you for always supporting us!



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