2014, Otsukare!

What a busy year 2014… A new music video and a new single, our first TV appearance, dozens of lives in Tokyo and Osaka, and of course lots of great artists, venues and friends we shared our passion with!

Time has come for our final live this year… and believe me, ladies and gents, it’s gonna rock in Akasaka, cause this time we will open for the mighty and popular AstroAttack (Kobe), The Bems (Tokyo) and our recent friends Rock N Flow (Chiba)!! So we had no choice but to gather in our favorite studio and prepare a super hard rockin’ setlist for your delicate ears.

…And to prepare 2015 as well, as we already have lots of projects in mind: a new music video, a guest appearance in a short movie, overseas live debut, and of course great new tunes… We tried a brand new song this time in studio by the way, and I must say the riff is a killer! Sounds pretty much influenced by the Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie era for the connoisseurs… Can’t wait to play it live next year!

See you all this Saturday in our beloved Crawfish!


(↓↓Posing as AKB↓↓)


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