New MV Dans Les Bras d’Eole

Hi friends! 2 years ago, my director friend Jun Sekiguchi asked me if I wanted to play in his new short movie VISA. I gladly accepted, and he also used one of our song, Dans Les Bras d'Eole, in the original soundtrack. The collaboration went so well that I asked him to direct the music [...]

The 10th Anniversary!

10 years! Yes, it's been 10 years already that DieByForty played its first live! To celebrate this anniversary, we decided to organize a big event in a big venue of Shibuya, with our best friends scatterbrain who happen to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year as well! The concept is simple: 10 years, on the 10/10, [...]

Plastic Love Story

Hi friends! We are very pleased and honored to announce that our music video Ames Sœurs has been featured as bonus in the DVD of critically acclaimed director Ryutaro Nakagawa's movie Plastic Love Story! For those living overseas, you may order it online via Amazon and other online platforms. Another great news is that Yasu, the bassist of the [...]

What’s up next

Hi friends, It's been a very long time we haven't posted anything on the blog, so we thought it would be nice to give you a small update about what's going on and the coming projects. As you know, our first album The Monotony of the Extraordinary has finally been released! A huge thanks to everyone who came [...]


We are very happy to share with you our new music video for the song Aspartame: Hope you will enjoy it! It's been a very long journey to make this video possible, but we are very happy with how it turned out, and we are grateful to everyone who took part in it: - [...]

Blank page

The anguish of the blank page is something every songwriter experiences at some point. When you're young, you feel the urge to shout to the world all your emotions, and lyrics come to your mind pretty easily. As you grow older and that you understand music can't change the world, your feelings somehow fade away, and it becomes [...]


i remember clearly when i formed a Rock band first time. until then, studying hard had been the main thing for my life. but, Rock music helped me out of the bind. 学力概念の縛りから開放されたときの初々しい感覚を思いだす ロックは長いトンネルの向こうの光だった yu

Recording Distortion guitars for Eole

Happy New Years everybody! It's Tommy here, the bassist for DiebyForty.  Today I'd like to talk a little about how I recorded distortion guitars for the song Eole.  The process is really simple, but a little tedious. First off, here are the two guitars I used. The telecaster for the Left channel, and the stratocaster [...]

Coming of Age

Today is the Coming of Age Day in Japan (Seijin shiki), marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. For foreigners, this is the best chance to catch a glimpse of countless nonchalant girls in traditional yet gorgeous kimono gathered in the same place. One day for them to forget past, present and future, swept up in a whirl [...]