Blank page

The anguish of the blank page is something every songwriter experiences at some point. When you’re young, you feel the urge to shout to the world all your emotions, and lyrics come to your mind pretty easily.
As you grow older and that you understand music can’t change the world, your feelings somehow fade away, and it becomes more and more difficult to write new lyrics. I’m not the kind of songwriter who uses “come on” and “let’s go” to make up with the shortfall, and since my everyday life is not that exciting, I try to find inspiration by reading books or drawing from my personal memories. I am quite happy with how the lyrics of this new song turned out. Hope you will like it.

You don’t have to say what you’re gonna say
You don’t have to say I’m sick
This word is full of consequence
That is greater than you may think
Watch out

I don’t know what you feel
But girl when you kiss me
Your lips are so cold

In your little world
Being number one is not enough
I don’t want to be another casualty
I’m not that tough
Can’t you see
Dear oh dear
Watch out

I don’t know what you feel
But girl when you kiss me
Your lips are so cold
On the verge of redemption
Am I your damnation
The leak in your soul

The embers are fading
Into the great oblivion
In the ether floating
One more disillusion, anyway
I won’t beg on my knees
What a sour conclusion
Watch out

A private shot of our cute extras taken backstage during the shooting of our new music video 😉 yukata

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