We are very happy to share with you our new music video for the song Aspartame:

Hope you will enjoy it!

It’s been a very long journey to make this video possible, but we are very happy with how it turned out, and we are grateful to everyone who took part in it:
– Main actors: Osamu Narimatsu, Ayana Sougawa
– Director: Kimihiro Shiida (太陽Films)
– Assistant director: Satou Yuuki
– Hair & make-up: Aiko Enomoto (9NOICHI)
– Facepaint: Yui Amano (9NOICHI)
– Costumes: Mikako Ono (花ごよみ)
– Accessories: Seigo Ishikado (Narrative Platoon)
– Photography: Lionel Gabaude
– Location: Hayao Matsumura (Shibuya Trump Room)
– Extras: Kana Fukuyama, Midori Saito, Yuki Xiru, Yuuka Nakamura, Sousai Taki, Ryouta Nakamura

See you soon at the album release event!

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