20th Century Boy

(You gotta read that post while listening to that song.)

Hey you!

How are you doing those days?
Days go by and nothing changes, right…

Macha’s mix is on the good way thanks to Tommy.
We got to hear a pre-final version of the song and, wow, I can only take a bow.

Today, I was lucky enough to spend one of those nights in Shimokitazawa that only people having lived long enough in Japan can experience. Shimokita is one of those districts in Tokyo famous for that vibe popular among Japanese artists and foreign hypsters (?).

I climbed the stairs towards a small bar, smelling like Okinawan food and 70’s rock and sporting hippie Japanese decoration. The reason I went there is to meet a Lebanese friend of mine (one of my closest friends in Japan actually) who says goodbye to Japan.
For a few hours, watching that melting pot, people from all over the world, young ladies and oji-san, young boys and oba-san, talking, laughing, singing, made me realize there are some places in the world where time stops and peace and love actually survives.

50 years old, 60 years old… Age doesn’t matter as long as you still have the energy to share your passion with music lovers.

Too bad our band’s name has been fixed already.





  1. Maybe you can change the name to “Die By Forty?” with emphasis on the “die.” It keeps the *hipsters in suspense!

    1. Indeed! But actually, I wanted to retranscribe the feeling I had there, pretty similar to the atmosphere in the Japanese manga/movie 20th Century Boy.

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