DieByForty were formed in Tokyo in 2006. The band was founded by university friends Ben Pruvost, Alexis Andre, Thom Iljic and Yu Yoshikawa. The concept was simple: power rock and catchy melodies mixing French, English and Japanese lyrics.
After 4 years of songwriting, dozens of lives and the release of 4 demo CDs, Alexis and Thom left the band. Ben then recruited Jessy’s Elegy’s frontman Tommy Fukuyama as support bass player first, but he quickly became a key member of the band.
At that time, Saori Akimoto also joined the band for two years on vocals and keyboard. She is now pursuing her own solo career as an actress but still appears from time to time on recordings and shows as featured guest.
Finally, Nao joined the band in 2013 to establish current line-up.

後にJessy’s ElegyのフロントマンであるTommy(Ba)が加入後、Nao(Gt)も続けて加入。

The band’s current line-up is:
 | Guitar & Vocals
TOMMY | Guitar & Vocals
Nao | Guitar & Vocals
YU | Drums